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  • patrick.kusumuraさんが記事を作成しました:

    What happens if I make a duplicate payment?

    If you have duplicate smash.premium plans, please leave one and cancel the duplicate payment.   Please note that even if you cancel one of the remaining duplicate payments, the notation on the app ...

  • patrick.kusumuraさんが記事を作成しました:

    If I find an offensive video, can I report it?

    It is possible. You can report a user's profile and PICK comments.

  • patrick.kusumuraさんが記事を作成しました:

    How do I make an inquiry?

    Please proceed in the following order from within the application and contact us using the contact form. [My List] → [Settings] → [Contact Us]. We will check the details of your inquiry and get bac...

  • patrick.kusumuraさんが記事を作成しました:

    Is it possible to search for videos?

    There is a magnifying glass symbol in the upper right corner of the home screen. Please search for your favorite works.

  • patrick.kusumuraさんが記事を作成しました:

    What does "series" mean?

    The name of the Video Movies. A series contains multiple episodic videos.

  • patrick.kusumuraさんが記事を作成しました:

    What is "My List"?

    You can add your favorite works to your My List. When you add a work, you will receive a notification that it is live. You will also receive a notification when the live starts.

  • patrick.kusumuraさんが記事を作成しました:

    What is a PICK?

    You can save any part of the video by pinching the screen with two fingers while watching it. If you pinch for a long time, you can save up to 15 seconds of video. Please note that some videos cann...

  • patrick.kusumuraさんが記事を作成しました:

    Is there a follow or friend feature for specific people?

    We are considering adding a follow function in a future update.

  • patrick.kusumuraさんが記事を作成しました:

    I want to be notified when a specific person posts a video.

    If you add a work to your My List, you will be notified when it is live. Also, if you turn on smash. notification in your My List settings, you will receive notifications of new releases.

  • patrick.kusumuraさんが記事を作成しました:

    Can I download the videos?

    There is no download function.